Program Curriculum

A rigorous curriculum is designed to equip students with a portfolio of skills for conducting applied research.

Core Courses (15 credits)

  1. Introduction to Applied Business Research (2 credits)
  2. Applied Statistics and Regression (2 credits)
  3. Survey Research and Experimental Designs (2 credits)
  4. Qualitative Research Method in Business (2 credits)
  5. Frontiers in Accounting Research (1 credit)
  6. Frontiers in Economics Research (1 credit)
  7. Frontiers in Finance Research (1 credit)
  8. Frontiers in Information Systems Research (1 credit)
  9. Frontiers in Operations Management Research (1 credit)
  10. Frontiers in Management Research (1 credit)
  11. Frontiers in Marketing Research (1 credit)

Elective Courses (8 credits)

Students will work out a study plan with advisor(s) to take 4 elective courses from the following list in Year 2. 

  1. Asset Allocation and Portfolio Analysis (2 credits)
  2. Behavioral Decision Theory for Business Research (2 credits)
  3. Business Economics (2 credits)
  4. Empirical Methods for Economic Analysis (2 credits)
  5. Financial Derivatives and Risk Management (2 credits)
  6. Fixed-income Strategies (2 credits)
  7. Information Processing for Marketing Strategy (2 credits)
  8. Information Systems Research in Business (2 credits)
  9. Information Systems Theories (2 credits)
  10. Operations and Supply Chain Management (2 credits)
  11. Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management (2 credits)
  12. Research in Financial Accounting (2 credits)
  13. Research in Managerial Accounting, Auditing and Governance (2 credits)
  14. Research Methodology in Operations and Supply Chain Management (2 credits)
  15. Strategic Management and Organization Theory (2 credits)

The above elective courses are subject to change at the discretion of the HKUST DBA Program Office.

DBA Thesis Preparation (2 credits)

Students are required to complete an independent study advised by the advisor(s) in Year 2.

DBA Residential Program (1 credit)

Students are required to participate in the residential programs in each regular term (a minimum of 10 contact hours with the advisor(s) starting from Year 3 for up to four regular terms before they graduate). They are also required to attend a 2-day residential program for research activities on campus together with students from the same cohort every regular term as scheduled by the Program Office.

Note: The credits earned from this residential program cannot be counted toward the credit requirements.

DBA Thesis Research (30 credits)

In completion of Thesis Preparation in Year 2, students will proceed to the DBA research and thesis write-up in Year 3 and Year 4. Students are required to present the DBA thesis and defend orally in front of the Thesis Examination Committee, normally by end of Year 4.

The program will be conducted in English.